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Spoken English

English Speaking/Spoken English (About English Speaking Course & Classes, What all is covered in course, How Edge overseas is different from others)

English is the primary language of the international business world. Knowing how to speak English properly is paramount to your success in business. Spoken English course will develop the confidence of student in using English through conversation activities, public speaking, extempore, interview skills and group discussions. This Course is designed keeping in mind the learner’s objective of gaining expertise in speaking English confident.

Best IELTS Spoken English/English Speaking Institute/ Classes/ Coaching Center In Amritsar, Punjab

Why Edge Overseas Educational Services?

Edge Communication aims at breaking communication barriers that may be holding you from excelling and shinning out in your career, academics, formal & informal settings by covering various aspects of English which are as follows:

  • Personal attention is given to every student throughout the course
  • Improvement in day to day and contemporary vocabulary
  • Assessments are given through tests
  • Improvement in pronunciation
  • Small class sizes make us your preferred option to enhance your English learning
  • Courses help you develop the skills to communicate clearly and effectively in English
  • We help learners use grammatically correct sentences by teaching them all the basics of Grammar.
  • Personality Enhancements with Personality Development Course
  • Pragmatic practice of Extempore, Debates, Group Discussions, Story Narrations, etc.
  • Making student learn minute elements which plays vital role in day to day life like Table Manners, Body Language, Introductions, Interviews, Dressing Manners, etc.
  • Certification at the end of the course
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